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Glossary of terminology for the composite manufacturing industry.

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Bulk Moulding Compound

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A paste or film of thermoset resin which is cured under heat/pressure to bond composite, honeycomb and metal-based surfaces.

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Very stiff and strong fibre, such as Kevlar (TM), derived from polymid.

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Computer Aided Design

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Computer Aided Manufacturing.

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In composite sandwich construction, the core is the centre component to which inner and outer skins are attached. Foam, honeycomb and wood are common core materials.

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The process of hardening of a thermosetting resin by using heat.

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Enterprise Resource Planning. Software used for managing production, stock, HR, accounting etc.

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Aerospace structure designed to provide enhanced aerodynamics, such as where the body of a plane meets a wing.

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Filaments of molten glass, which are then woven into a fabric and often used as a reinforcement for composite materials.

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Filament Winding

Manufacturing process used for items such as cylinders. Fibres have resin impregnated into them and are then wound over a form of the required part shape.

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Cellular structure formed into hexagonal cells, similar to that of a beehive. By using composite materials it produces an extremely lightweight yet strong component.

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Materials Requirement Planning. Software for managing works orders, bills of materials, stock etc.

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Protective shell of a jet engine, designed to provide insulation and noise reduction.

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Refers to a selection of plies that are/have been cut from a roll of material. Nesting software is used to find the best pattern for material efficiency e.g. squeezing as many plies on the roll as possible.

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One layer of material. A part manufactured from composite material consists of layers of plies.

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Synonyms - plies

Composite material combined with a resin. Prepreg material needs to be stored in a freezer to maintain usability. When cured under high temperature and pressure the fabric and resin provide exceptional strength.

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Radio Frequency Identification. Alternative to barcode, often used for tracking items such as material through a factory.

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